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Difficult Days

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

As we live in the world we do today, it is sometimes difficult to find God in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Yes, there are many questions as to why bad things happen.

“ Why must families lose homes to floods and tornadoes ? Why is disease and cancer so prevalent? Why ... ”

Only God knows for certain. One thing I have learned is that, no matter what happens, God is NEVER far away. He is there, ready to hold the sick, to comfort the devastated, to lift up the needy. Sometimes he sends an angel. Sometimes a smile from a ray of sun. And sometimes he sends another person in His holy place. We are not alone.

This day is an age of change. We are in the midst of seeing Bible prophesy being fulfilled. Each day a little closer to His return. Do not fear what lies ahead. Turn your eyes to our Lord Jesus, and keep your lamp filled with oil. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. Until He comes - Amen.

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